Our People

Lines Henry have a wealth of talent and experience in all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency. Come meet the team....


Neil Henry MIPA, FABRP


I am a Director of Lines Henry and a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. I believe my main strength is my ability to focus on the important issues surrounding a particular problem. I try to give clear advice. This ability has come from the years of experience gained from working in both small and large professional practices, running my own business, and helping to resolve a variety of problems.

Outside of work I spend a lot of time trying to get my children to eat less junk. I also spend a lot of time with my head in my hands at Bolton Wanderers football matches.


Mike Simister LLB, MIPA


I have been involved in Insolvency since 1987 after qualifying as a Solicitor. I spent the first part of my career advising Insolvency Practitioners and corporate clients on all aspects of insolvency and business recovery. I qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner in 2001 and specialise in dealing with insolvent businesses, including corporate work, partnerships and sole traders


Lisa McAllister


I have been with Lines Henry since its early days. I obtained my Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency in 2000 and am studying to become a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. With over 16 years’ experience, I manage all the insolvency solutions offered and deal personally with more complex cases. I manage the team of Administrators ensuring all cases are handled to the high standards for which we are known.

Outside of work unlike most of my colleague’s I don’t try my best to keep fit nor do I attempt to eat more healthily.  My life outside of work is taken up with listening to my husband telling me how bad Wigan Athletic are playing (whilst at the same time, still insisting on watching every football programme known to man over the weekend), running around after my never to be pleased daughter, doting over my adorable King Charles Spaniel, Titch and catching up with my lovely family and friends.


Kirsty Jones BA, CPI


I joined Lines Henry Ltd in 2004 and obtained a Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency in 2007. I have a BA Honors degree in Primary Education and Mathematics with QTS.  I conduct the day to day handling of various insolvency cases from sign up to dissolution. The majority of these cases are Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations and Members’ Voluntary Liquidations but I also have a wealth of knowledge and experience dealing with Administrations. 

I love spending time and having fun with my two children and do not work Mondays to maximize this. I enjoy outdoor activities, especially being at the stables and riding my horse.


Rob Jones

Insolvency Case Administrator

I joined Lines Henry in 2007. I work predominantly on personal insolvency cases including Bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements, but also have a wealth of knowledge on Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidations, dealing with all cases from sign up to dissolution.

Outside of work my interests are trying keeping fit, following Liverpool F.C. and eating chocolate (not particularly in that order).

I also like to watch films and TV box sets whenever possible. However, for the past 12 months I have watched every episode of Peppa Pig with my 2 year old daughter. More than once.     


Susan McCartney

Accounts Assistant

I joined Lines Henry Limited in 2010 as an assistant to the accounts manager with the everyday financial duties. I also work closely with the case administrators assisting them throughout the administration of all cases on the financial aspect of each file.

I don’t really have any hobbies but I do enjoy swimming and socialising.  Some would say I spend an awful lot of my time terrorising my co-workers (and delivery men) but I have to practice my pulling skills somewhere!!  Other than that you will find me donning my apron and marigolds cleaning my newly renovated apartment, whether it needs cleaning or not.


Bob Cleary

Marketing Excecutive

I look after the marketing activities, working proactively to introduce Lines Henry to the ever-growing number of independent accountants, contractor accountants and businesses that would benefit from the services offered by us.

Outside of work, I actually like gardening (especially growing the unusual).  I enjoyed a bumper crop of Figs this year with which I made quite a few jars of Chutney and Jam.  Also the Quince has produced some fruit but sadly, nothing on the Blackberry, Gooseberry or Pomegranate – and to cap it all, the squirrels got to all the Hazelnuts before they have chance to develop.  When not in the garden I like to spend time with my Grandchildren, that is when I am not exercising my DIY skills at my son’s house.


Janette Cotton

Accounts Manager

I joined Lines Henry Limited in 2005 as accounts manager. I have over 20 years previous experience in this role which includes the management of all client accounts together with that of Lines Henry. I also oversees Health & Safety issues and general office maintenance.

Despite my colleagues’ assertions that I come from outer space, I like the simple things in life.  I love sitting out in my garden, walking my dog and spending time with my family.  I do have a tendency to want everything to be just so, which means I spend an awful lot of time with an antiseptic wipe in one hand and a ruler in the other.