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We know that both businesses and individuals can go through some difficult times and often just sharing the situation with someone else can help.
At Lines Henry we take the stress out of difficult circumstances, by gaining an understanding of the situation, evaluating the alternatives and assisting in the process to get to the best outcome for all concerned. In short…

we can help.

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Licensed Insolvency Practitioners

Our Licensed Insolvency Practitioners offer a professional, tailor-made service to cater for every client’s individual needs. Our Directors and staff have many years experience in helping both individuals and businesses to resolve financial problems.

The Lines Henry have dealt with hundreds of companies and individuals struggling with insolvency and debt. By understanding the daily problems you face as a director and how tough the situation can be our team can support you and plan a realistic solution. We can help.

Our help and support has provided insolvency advice and business recovery planning to people and companies throughout the whole of the United Kingdom.

Our Team is on Your Side

We don’t pass you from one person to another....our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals pride themselves on looking after each of their clients from start to finish. That way you get all the support you need.

So come and meet our team....

Meet the Team

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