Bankrupt Deal or No Deal winner faces Jail

Andy Barker, winner of £35,000 on Channel 4’s Deal or no deal, neglected to declare his winnings after being declared bankrupt owing creditors up to £62,000 and is now facing a custodial sentence. The winner of the TV Game show, Deal or no deal, reportedly spent his winnings on plane tickets, jewellery and hotels in only 3 months. It was a dream come true for the plasterer to win £35,000. His dream soon turned to a nightmare! Andy Barker was a plasterer, who in November 2011 had declared bankruptcy, his sizeable winning s should have been declared but he enjoyed his success and blew the money on having fun.


However, when the TV show aired someone who knew he was bankrupt saw his win fall and reported him to the authorities, this was investigated and Andy was prosecuted. The judge sentenced Andy to 13 weeks in prison, he appealed but this was lost as well, he was also ordered to pay £3,418.36 in prosecution costs Windfalls, such as lottery wins or game show wins seem like they would be exempt, however when you are bankrupt you must declare all money properly so the people who have lost out. The conviction followed an initial investigation by The Insolvency Service and a full criminal investigation and prosecution by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). It is imperative that if you are Bankrupt, all assets are to be declared to your Trustee.

Becoming Bankrupt - Separating the facts from the stigma

Becoming Bankrupt

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