Business Debt


  • “I keep having to pay my company’s debts with my personal credit card”
  • “Our PAYE and NIC contributions are in arrears. It’s a real worry”
  • “Our VAT is owing. The money just isn’t there to pay it”
  • “I can’t pay our bills. Suppliers won’t wait any longer”
  • “We’re being threatened by court action. I can’t see a way out”
  • “My business is on the slide. Creditors are threatening bankruptcy”

  WE deal with these business problems EVERY DAY. The partners and staff at Lines Henry are experts at dealing with business problems, whether cash flow problems or insolvency related. Our experience has helped many businesses recover from debt problems, we deal with sole traders, partnership or a limited company. We are able to understand and grasp business problems through years of experience and are able to advise on the best course of action, be that refinancing your company or placing it into liquidation, administration or voluntary arrangement. Our turnaround/business recovery department has helped many businesses to avoid insolvency and can assist in refinancing via contracts in factoring companies, asset finance specialist, bankers and venture capitalists. The route to recovery for any business may not lie in just one process but a series of decisions and steps. We at Lines Henry are able to objectively advise and assist in implementing any such recovery plans, with or without the need for formal insolvency proceedings. We always investigate all possible remedies and create a tailor made solution. We will tackle your business problems and liabilities head on without adding to the financial burden or simply deferring business debt. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION SERVICE to help you through these difficulties. We can provide fast action NOW – when it’s needed. We can work with you to draw up a business recovery plan and avoid business failure. Please contact us through the website or telephone.   Ring the Freephone Helpline: 08081 446611