Is your Business Insolvent?

When working on your business it isn’t always clear how solvent your business is, we have devised 3 simple questions to help you determine the health of your company. If your business is not solvent then it is important to consider option, knowing sooner you can look into business recovery but if you leave it too late you may need to get advice on liquidation.

Is my business insolvent?

Use this simple 3 step flow chart to see if your business is insolvent. If it isn’t, keep checking and if it is, then get help quickly. The sooner you get help from a licensed insolvency practitioner the more options you have.

Lines Henry are experienced Liquidators and Insolvency Practitioners, we have helped businesses all over the UK with business recovery as well as liquidations so they can start again with a new company, in some cases even buying back their assets. As Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, Lines Henry have a duty to find a solution that is in your best interests and give you honest and practical Insolvency advice.