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personal guarantees on directors loans

Personal Guarantees on Directors Loans

As experienced Insolvency Practitioners, we often come across situations where people have taken out personal guarantees on directors loans and...

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Tax Avoidance

Tax Avoidance by big corporations is in the news a lot, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner Neil Henry discusses Tax and legal...

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When A Pub Business Plan Fails

The phrase couldn't run a piss up in a brewery is a common saying, however in reality a pub business...

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ostritch syndrome and problem debt

The Ostrich Syndrome – Problem debt – Don’t bury your head

Probably the thing ostriches are famous for is burying their head in the sand, but I’d say people come a...

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late tax return, late tax payment, HMRC

HMRC Late Tax Returns and Late Payments

The deadline for filing tax returns for the period 2013/14 has now passed and if you’ve missed it you can...

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footballers tax avoidance and HMRC

Footballers Going Bankrupt? APN’s & Tax Avoidance

Over 100 Footballers Facing Financial Difficulty Following HMRC crackdown on Tax Avoidance Schemes The Guardian reported last week that over...

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company director with dementia

How do you deal with a Company Director who may have dementia?

How do you deal with a Company Director who may have dementia? I was recently asked this question by a...

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solvent liquidation

MVL – Solvent Liquidation with Tax Benefits

When shareholders receive a dividend (whilst the company is trading) it will be classed as income and be taxed accordingly....

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gas and oil contractors tax problems

Tax Problems for Contractors in Oil and Gas

Over the last four years, Mike Simister, of Insolvency Practitioners Lines Henry Limited, has dealt with a number of contractors...

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Starting a new Business on the right path

Starting a New Business on the right path

I have recently been to look at a nursery that highlighted some of the essential elements that need to be...

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what to do if your company is failing

What to do if your company is failing

Whether it might be because of the state of the larger economy or due to more specialised market forces, many...

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Liquidation advice insolvent

Is your Business Insolvent?

When working on your business it isn't always clear how solvent your business is, we have devised 3 simple questions...

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