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tax liability

HMRC Tax Liability and Liquidation

You’ve received a letter from HMRC demanding payment of your unpaid tax liability – so what do you do? Will...

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From Boom to Crash.... What's Next?

From Boom to Crash…. What’s Next?

The easy credit available up to 2007 lulled many people into a false sense of security and allowed them to...

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voluntary liquidation

Voluntary Liquidation

Voluntary Liquidation - Deciding when to voluntarily liquidate your company - If you feel that you no longer wish to...

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Company Voluntary Liquidation

If you are thinking of a company voluntary liquidation, then you need to be prepared before you decide to go...

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Insolvency Practitioner

Services offered by insolvency practitioners Insolvency practitioners offer a wide range of insolvency services. For companies who are struggling financially,...

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Liquidation Articles

Dealing with liquidation If you are experiencing difficulties running your company or believe that it is insolvent then you must...

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Bankruptcy Articles

Advantages Of Bankruptcy Although bankruptcy can be a difficult process for those involved, there are advantages to the procedure.  ...

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Business Insolvency

There are a number of reasons why companies end following financial difficulties. One of the main reasons is poor management....

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Personal Debt

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? “I’ve already had a consolidation loan what do I do now?” “Help – I just...

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Business Debt

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU? “I keep having to pay my company’s debts with my personal credit card” “Our PAYE...

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Tax Problems

Individuals or businesses with tax arrears can receive help to solve the problem. If those who owe tax ignore payments,...

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Facing Facts ..... My Company is Insolvent

Facing Facts ….. My Company is Insolvent

Running your own business is brilliant, I know, I've been there.  But what happens when your workload slows or stops...

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