Dealing With Debt Stress – The Anxiety of Being in Debt

How To Deal With Debt Stress

Being in debt has a way at gnawing away at you. Personal insolvency can cause anyone to suffer from constant, acute, debt stress as the pressure of overdue bills and the arrival of letters headed with red text eat away at your happiness by constantly finding their way into your thoughts. When your finances are overstretched, you’re not sure how to manage your outgoings and your heart skips a beat every time your phone rings if there’s a knock at the door, it’s clear you need a solution, but what can you do?


Debt Stress and Mental health

Stress, worry, anxiety, misery and depression are some of the words which can be used to describe the emotional impact of being in personal debt along with the damage to mental health which come as a result of financial problems which are out of control. The feeling of helplessness, the feeling of isolation and the worry that there’s no-one to turn to for fear of being judged. Debt stress can send those suffering from it down a mental health rabbit hole which is as difficult to escape as the bet itself.

True depression is a medical condition and asking someone suffering from it to “cheer up” is unhelpful and unrealistic, however, there are some strategies to alleviate the worst of it.

  • When debt stress forces you to dwell on the negative, make an active choice to think about the most positive things in your life.
  • It’s easy to fall into the trap of over-analysing the decisions that got in debt and what you could/should have done. Remember that you can’t change the past, so instead focus on the ‘now’ and the future.
  • Get out and active to clear your head – physical activity, even if it’s just a brisk walk, can profoundly improve your mental as well as physical wellbeing. Don’t be tempted to hide away from the world, get out and get moving to improve your mood.
  • Don’t keep it to yourself – in these difficult times, falling into debt could happen to almost anyone and you’re not the only one to be dealing with it. Simply talking about your financial problems to a trusted friend, family member or a debt advisor has a way relieving some of the debt stress you’re feeling.
  • Decide to face your debt and resolve to take steps to deal with it once and for all.


Start Dealing With The Debt to Reduce Your Debt Stress

Debt stress is, unsurprisingly, a symptom of being in debt and while you can deal with symptoms of almost any affliction, you’ll be forced to continue to manage their symptoms permanently unless the root cause is removed.

The worst part of debt stress is often the feeling of powerlessness those afflicted often suffer. That sense of being merely a passenger in their own lives, with their debt being in the driving seat and a sense of dread being unaware of the destination.

Quite often, the moment you decide to take back control is the point things start to permanently improve. Something as simple as making the choice and picking up the phone to seek help can make you instantly feel better and the action which follows replaces the vicious circle with a virtuous one.

At Lines Henry, dealing with the cause and effects of financial difficulty is what we do. We help people and businesses with fiscal problems improve their situation and have years of experience getting the best outcomes for those who approach us for assitance. We offer a free consultation and moreover, the reassurance that matter can be improved as well as the straegies to make things better.

The road to being back in control of your finances and feeling back in control of your life and happiness can sometimes be long and it isn’t always easy, but every single step you take along it, however small, improves your situation, all you need to do is keep walking, contact us, we’ll walk the path with you and help you find the shortcuts.

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