Insolvency Practitioners Saved Nearly 2 Million Jobs in 2009

The **** Com Res has estimated that the UK Insolvency Industry has helped to save nearly 2 million Jobs and businesses going through Insolvency Procedures in 2009. Stephen Law, R3’s incoming President says “If the Insolvency Practitioners can get in early enough often the business or parts of the business can be saved by Insolvency Procedures such as Administration or Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA’s). 2 million jobs equates to around 7% of the Working Population. Also an overlooked part of our role is helping businesses and individuals avoid Insolvency in the first place.” Stephen Law also commented on World Bank data that showed that there were only 6 countries in the World where the amount recovered for creditors in an Insolvency is higher, extracted over a shorter period of time and at a lower cost than in the UK (Japan, Singapore, Norway, Canada, Finland & Belgium). An exemplar of the work performed by Insolvency Practitioners in the UK.