Lesley’s Experience

Lesley has been with Lines Henry since 2009, she joined us through unusual circumstances as she initially came to us as a business director needing business recovery and insolvency help.

Lesley was a Director of her family business, as the recession hit, her business struggled. The initial blow was from the drop in the economy as many of her clients felt the impact and could not afford to pay. They were then hit again as freelancers and sole traders undercut their quotes.

Lesley understands how it feels for the Director of a business to struggle and need business recovery or insolvency advice.We felt it was important to showcase Lesley’s experience, not only as it helps other business owners understand what to expect from Lines Henry, and other Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, but also to see that at times, through no fault of your own, your business can struggle and you do need to get help.

Watch Lesley’s video to hear about her experience with Lines Henry and going through the insolvency proceedings.

At Lines Henry we want to speak to you sooner rather than later, because if your business is struggling then the sooner you get insolvency advice the more options are available to you.