Lines Henry Limited – Seminar Wigan Investment Centre, Wigan

Wednesday 12th November 2014 Lines Henry are currently organising our first seminar to promote our office at the Wigan Investment Centre, Wigan. The seminar will be based around the life cycle of a business and is being held on Wednesday 12th November 2014 (kick off at 9.30 a.m./cost TBA).We are pleased to say that we have invited some guests along to make the seminar a bit more interesting, CPD points will be available by attending the seminar. Emma Barton, Assistant Director – Economic Development and Skills of Wigan Council (Open for Business) will be taking the first slot, Andy Herricks of Garricks Solicitors (Wigan Investment Centre) will be taking the second slot and finally Neil Marshall/Dave Jones of RBS (Wigan) will be filling the third slot. The fourth slot will be presented by both Lisa McAllister and Oliver Thompson to advise local accountants/solicitors/business owners what we are attempting to achieve in the Wigan and surrounding areas. If you want to attend please contact us today.