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supply chain weak link

Don’t fall prey to insolvency within your supply chain

Supply chain insolvency Few businesses are entirely self reliant. Whether you make something, or provide a service, you’ll no doubt...

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dow jones stock market

Stock Market Volatility – What does the Dow Jones Drop indicate?

"When America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold" a quote that's likely to be regularly used and adapted over...

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Individual voluntary arrangement

Individual Voluntary Arrangements Vs. Debt Management Plans

For one reason or another, we can find ourselves in difficult financial situations. With debts mounting up, interest accruing and...

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official receiver

The role of the Official Receiver in business insolvency

When the news of a large company having failed hits the headlines, we sometimes hear that certain actions have been...

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late tax return, hmrc ,fine

Received a fine for a late tax return – could it be a wake up call?

If, for whatever reason, you submitted a late tax return or have yet to submit it to HMRC, then it's...

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slef assessment, tax return, hmrc

Don’t forget to file your self assessment tax return

For many of those obliged to submit self assessment tax returns, January 31st and the looming HMRC deadline signifies a...

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ICO, data protection, liquidation

Directors liquidating to evade data protection fines targeted by ICO

Companies caught failing data protection rules currently face penalties of up to £500K which increases exponentially in May 2018 when...

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Carillion, collapse, bankrupt, liquidation

Carillion’s liquidation – What happens when a giant collapses?

The breaking news in the insolvency world this week is the collapse and compulsory liquidation of Wolverhampton based corporate giant;...

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stigma, shame, business, debt, finance

Don’t let stigma stop you seeking help for you business

Perceived stigma makes it hard to admit you're struggling & easy to just give it another week, another month, or...

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late payments, debt, insolvency, lines henry

The Impact of late payments from customers

The UK is the capital of the world for late payments, with 18% of invoices paid late and around 9%...

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How much do Insolvency Practitioners charge?

“How much will I pay for my company’s insolvency?” This is a fair question but, as you might expect, the...

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Job applicants are being rejected due to bad debt

More employers than ever before, even for roles outside of financial services, are turning away candidates with poor credit records...

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