Kirsty Jones BA, CPI


Kirsty joined Lines Henry in 2004, gaining her certificate of proficiency in Insolvency just three years later. Kirsty now serves as the Manager of our team of administrators, providing them with help, support and ongoing training.

Kirsty monitors case progression and deals with any issues that arise. She also conducts the day to day handling of various personal and corporate insolvency cases.

While she deals with all kinds of personal and business insolvencies, even the really unusual cases, most of Kirsty’s time is spent dealing with Company Voluntary Liquidations, Member’s Voluntary Liquidations and Administrations.

Kirsty’s favourite quote is that “Manners cost nothing but mean everything.” And unsurprisingly, she’s no fan of rudeness. However, Kirsty’s stated IP Super Power of remaining calm and thinking logically allows her to keep her cool.

Kirsty enjoys the variety of her work and the challenges it presents. Also working as part of the team, she works exceptionally well with her colleagues as they all support each other.

Mirroring what many of the team say, Kirsty wishes that more people knew that we are here to help. We want to help the directors, the employees and the creditors.

Outside of work, Kirsty enjoys spending time with her family, riding horses and swimming. She has two children, two horses and two guinea pigs to keep her busy.