Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans – Flexible Short Term Finance

  • Release money from assets and debtors to help your business thrive
  • Consolidate debts into one payment
  • Get quick decisions in principle
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    A Bridging Loan is the term used to describe interest only, short term funding (usually no more than 12 months) secured on land or property. Speed of completion is usually critical as bridging facilities are often required to resolve a temporary cash flow problem or to meet tight deadlines. Our focus on high speed bridging loans makes bidding and buying on the same day possible, allowing you to immediately take advantage of a purchase opportunity.

    One of the unique aspects of Bridging Finance is that, unlike many longer-term financial products on the market, the client is not heavily penalised for repaying the principle sum earlier than the contractual term. Both the lender and the borrower are aware from the start that the finance is only for the short-term.

    Whether you need a Bridging Loan for a chain breaking facility, or for property acquisition and development, we can help you find the funds quickly. Stage payment options, which allow a client to draw down funding at various stages of their development, are also available.

    Flexible payment options including interest roll-ups and staged capital repayments can be available, and if required, Bridging Finance can be converted to a long-term loan.



    Bridging Loans – Summary

    • Bridging loans can help your business solve temporary cashflow problems
    • Or take advantage of time sensitive purchasing opportunities
    • They give you fast access to cash and are secured on business assets
    • Typically for short term borrowing – Over 12 months or less
    • They can be arranged quickly
    • There’s no heavy penalty for early repayment
    • Interest Roll-Ups are available
    • And staged payment options can be arranged
    • Making them flexible and convenient
    • Repayments are interest only for the duration of the loan
    • Bridging loans can also be converted to long term loans where required


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