Spotlight on…Neil Henry

Here at Lines Henry we’re very proud of the wealth of talent and experience within our team. We’d like to introduce you to some of our amazing people, and find out a little more about them. This week we caught up with our Director, Neil Henry:


How long have you been in the business?
I became self employed in 1994 when I obtained my qualification as a licensed insolvency practitioner. Previously, I had worked at accountancy firms for 13 years doing a combination of accountancy and insolvency work.

How do you take your brew?
I buy loose leaf tea which I drink from a bone china mug. Good quality tea does not need milk or sugar as there is no bitterness. I have a kettle at home that heats water to specific temperatures which allows the tea to brew properly. My favourite teas are earl grey and keemun although I do like the refreshing taste of oolong.

Favourite success story?
The biggest thrill I get from my work is when I see the relief on the faces of people who I have been able to help. I do not tell people what they should have done to avoid getting into financial problems, I tell them what they can do going forward to alleviate those problems.

Biggest misconception about Lines Henry?
Like all insolvency practitioners, the biggest misconception that we suffer from is that we are vultures picking over the carcass of a company or individual for our own financial benefit.

When not in Lines Henry, you’ll most likely find Neil….
Outside of work, I am a season ticket holder at BWFC. I play golf badly. I like cooking. I run an unpaid taxi service for my children, which has become especially onerous since my son went to university as I now also have to operate as some kind of man with a van. I also like all types of films from 1940’s film noir to 21st-century sci-fi blockbusters.