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Practical Solutions, because doing nothing is not an option.



The partners and staff at Lines Henry are experts at dealing with business problems, whether cash flow or insolvency related. The route to recovery for any business may not lie in just one process but a series of decisions and steps. We always investigate all possible remedies and create a tailor made solution. We will tackle your business problems and liabilities head on without adding to the financial burden or simply deferring business debt.



When individuals get into financial difficulties as a result of unwise investments, taking extended credit, credit card rollovers, losing a job etc, they are often tempted to take on more debt to ease the pressure. Sometimes they do nothing – but either way they will end up with an ever-increasing debt spiral that causes family stress and job pressures.

We are not a Debt Management company. Your case is supervised by a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, adhering to a professional code of practise. We do not charge up-front fees but we do have a number of solutions at our disposal to assist you.



Lines Henry Limited – Commercial Finance Brokers is dedicated to serving companies and individuals by providing a fast and effective solution to their funding needs. We deliver a clear and transparent approach to funding which, combined with our quick completion periods, to allow you to move your business forwards.



With over 10 years experience in the mortgage industry we are able to provide a high level of service and to search the whole market from hundreds of mortgage products.

We can arrange Mortgages, Refinance, Help First Time Buyers, Bridging Finance and Mortgages for Bankrupts.



Our aim, wherever possible, is to get your clients back on their feet and thus preserve your relationship and fees.



Our aim is to protect your interests and exposure by providing practical and speedy solutions to businesses in financial difficulty.

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